The Book of the Dark

I’ve been working with a few artists for years, photographing their art, capturing their portraits and the process of their work. It’s such a privilege to be able to follow their workflow and see up close the art they produce. I hope to introduce you to a couple of them with time, but today I just wanted to share with you this beautifully crafted work of art: The Book of the Dark

The Book of the Dark is a book of poems about the dark night of the soul in a modern form – the experience of trauma and the long painful struggle back towards the light. The book is written by writer and director Mark Halliley, and the book binding is designed, written and created by artist Rosalind Wyatt.

I’ve always had a love for materials, paper and calligraphy, and this book has it all! The texture of the book cover, the delicacy of the translucent paper contrasting the dark pages full of strong calligraphy.

The book has a darkness and a hardness to it, but also a softness and a delicacy that comes through in the fine feathers. It’s raw and emotional, yet light and hopeful.
Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the poems. But I totally fell in love with the creative work of artist Rosalind Wyatt. Isn’t she great?

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Poet: Mark Halliley

Book designer and calligrapher: Rosalind Wyatt,

Photographer: Marte Lundby Rekaa,






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