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Being a photographer comes with a lot of perks. I get to visit breathtaking places, taste delicious food and meet inspiring people. One of my favourite portraits is from a shoot I did for The Microsoft Magazine featuring an interview about innovation with Charles Leadbeater.

Charles Leadbeater is considered to be a leading expert on innovation. He is a journalist, a consultant and an author, and he worked closely with Tony Blair’s team during his years in 10 Downing Street. Another fun fact about the man; Charles was influential in Helen Fielding starting her column about Bridget Jones!

It was a typical London day – overcast and grey, not very inspiring! I knew we were going to be tight for time as the journalist had to do his interview at the same time as I was getting my photos. (Meaning no time for creative lighting set ups…)  But walking into Charles Leadbeater’s funkis style house I felt as if my prayers had been answered! The interior design was clean, the furniture minimalistic and the walls were just bare concrete. My creative juices were flowing. And to top it off; the room was bathed in beautiful soft window light. I was in photography heaven.

I positioned the journalist at the end of the table, out of view, so that I could get a clear shot of Charles while they were talking. Facing the journalist meant he was also in a good position for the diffused light coming in through the window. I love how the soft shadows frame his face.

As I was moving back I discovered the reflections in the window, and the scene was complete! The warmth of the wood against the coolness of the grey set the contrast. The oranges in the bowl and the fact that he was wearing a grey jumper, was just the icing on the cake.

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Subject: Charles Leadbeater, http://www.charlesleadbeater.net/
Interviewer: Alex Revheim, http://konstabel.no/
Magazine: Microsoft Magasinet
Photographer: Marte Lundby Rekaa, http://www.mlrphoto.co.uk/
Photographer’s assistant: Erin Pewter







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